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I'm a new client, do I have to prepay?

Welcome! Yes, all new clients are required to schedule under the new client category. Under that category 100% non-refundable, non- transferrable prepayment is required.

I'm not a "new client", but its been over 3 months since I've had an appointment. Can I schedule as a regular client?

Welcome back! Unfortunately if it has been over 3 months since your last appointment you will need to schedule as a new client and prepay for you first appointment back.

If I get sick will I still be charged for cancelling under the required 48 hour window?

Yes. If canceling under 48 hours 50% of your balance will be due immediately upon cancellation. If canceling under 24 hours 100% of your balance will be due immediately upon cancellation.

What payment methods do you accept?

All major credit cards and cash are accepted. We do not receive cash often nor do we keep change on hand. Please bring exact change for the balance and gratuity that you may wish to leave.

When is my next appointment?

After clicking "BOOK" on the home page try creating an account when you schedule online ! You'll be able to sign in and see your past and future appointments. Still having problems? Send a text and check your email within 48 hours for the appointment confirmation that I will resend.

Can you reschedule my appointment?

You can reschedule yourself 24/7 from the automated confirmation and reminder emails up to 48 hours before your appointment or if you have an account you should be able to sign in and reschedule yourself there. If you are still having difficulty you can text us 24/7, the time will be recorded and the message will be returned within 48  hours.

Can you let me know when you get a cancellation?

I'd love to, however that just isn't possible with so many people asking the same question. Join my telegram channel where I post cancellations, extra days and specials prior to posting them to social media! Keep in mind that this is a messaging app and anyone with your phone number will see that you have joined the app and can message you.

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