Do you accept returns?

No, please be sure to order the correct size and color. If you make a mistake email me IMMEDIATELY. Once the order is filled no changes can be made.

What are the practice hands made out of?

The hands are made from a high grade silicone and colored individually. None of the products used contain latex.

Which countries do you ship to?


How do you apply and remove nails from the practice hands ?

You need a special primer, that is available in my shop, to apply nails. To remove nails, thin any product that has been applied and soak in acetone. The hands are acetone resistant, you may notice some swelling but this will dissipate within a few hours after you've removed it from acetone. Click the buttons at the bottom of this page for youtube tutorials on this process.

How do you care for the silicone practice hands?

The hands are pretty low maintenance, however they are susceptible to nicks and cuts like human hands. When filing by hand or with an electric file be careful around sensitive areas like the cuticles and sidewalls. The hands tend to attract dust. You can wash them warm soapy water and a manicure brush, and pat dry with a lint free towel. Click the YouTube links below for "How to videos" including designs and practice hand tips.

Can I sculpt on the hands or apply acrylic directly to the hands?

You can sculpt on the base nail that comes with the hand, treating it as a natural nail. You cannot apply acrylic directly to the silicone.

What types of nails should I use for the hands?

Full coverage nails are needed. The type that you would use for press ons etc. These can be found on amazon, ebay etc.