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These practice hands are created out of high grade silicone. This is a right hand only but you have the option to pair with my "BRR this one's cold" imperfect left hand that has a goosebump like texture on the surface of the top of the hand at a discounted price of $85 (individually priced at $100). They are perfect for practicing product application or nail art. Have a design in mind but no one to try it on? These practice hands are perfect for displaying your talent and skill, even when you don't have a client available or willing to try the styles that you have in mind. Don't forget to add primer to your order. You won't be able to reapply nails without the special practice hand primer.**PLEASE BE SURE TO READ ALL OF THE BULLETINS BELOW. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS, NO CREDITS, NO EXCHANGES**

Full sized realistic practice hands

Add primer?
Add BRR this one's cold?
  • In order to keep my prices lower than others on the market there may be a few minor blemishes/bubbles primarily on the palm side of the hand. Seamlines may be visible near the wrist but this varies from hand to hand as they are created individually. These blemishes don't take away from functionality of the hand, nor the ability to capture beautiful photographs of your work. The flesh like texture of the silicone mimics the delicate nature of performing services on a live client so it is important to take care when using an electric or hand file as cutting the hand is possible.